Cat plays snitch and rats out buddy for huge mess

This scene is familiar to any pet owner. Well, mostly familiar.

Cat owner Robert Dollwet returns home to cat litter strewn all of the floor.

His two cats are seated quietly, side-by-side, on a table like nothing’s amiss.

“Omigosh you guys,” he says to them as the camera is rolling. “Look at this mess. What the heck happened here? Alright. Which one of you did this. Which one of you guys did this?”

Didga points the finger, er rather, paw, at Boomer.

And that, friends, is why cats rule the internet.

But as we told you before, Didga is a pretty famous rescue cat who lives in Australia with is dog-trainer owner.

Didga is also the self-proclaimed most talented cat in the world.

If not, Didga is definitely the coolest.

You can see more of Didga’s adventures on YouTube channel CATMANTOO, on Facebook or Instagram.


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