Cat survives frigid ride across two provinces under hood of truck

When cold weather hits, remember this valuable – and potentially life-saving – tip.

“Bang on the hood of your car before starting it,” the Calgary Humane Society urges. “Cats will sometimes curl up under the hood for warmth during cold snaps.”

That, after a very lucky black cat surely lost one of its nine lives as the mercury plunged to -40C with windchill across the Prairies.

“Meet Spark, this little kitty hitched a ride all the way from Saskatchewan under the hood of a truck,” the animal shelter posted on Facebook.

This little cat curled up under a car hood and survived a long, cold ride. Calgary Humane Society/Facebook

The cat arrived in Alberta with frostbitten ears and tail.

Little Spark has frostbitten ears from a chilly ride under the hood of a car. Calgary Humane Society/Facebook

But it could have been so much worse.

“She will need surgery and medical care for some frostbite on her ears and tail, but our vets did a thorough exam and expect her to make a full recovery,” the shelter said.

And frostbitten tail. Calgary Humane Society/Facebook

The “energetic” black cat is not yet ready for adoption.

Vets want to keep an eye on her while she heals.

But soon, Spark will be able to go to a new home, where she’ll probably be kept away from cars.

Photos Calgary Humane Society/Facebook

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