Catnap in Style: IKEA donates dolls beds to Etobicoke Humane Society

IKEA Canada has donated doll beds, yes doll beds, to local animal shelter so homeless cats have somewhere comfy to sleep.

The Swedish retailer known for functional — if not frustrating to assemble — furniture recently gave 10 Duktig doll beds to the Etobicoke Humane Society, just outside Toronto, as a stylish refuge for his felines.

“Now the cats are elevated off the cold, hard floor,” the humane society posted on its Facebook page. “Our floors are easy to clean but not terribly comfortable to lay on. Now cats like Catsby and Frankie have beds of their own to curl up in.”

Some kitties perch on the beds, others get cozy in them, at least one likes to hide underneath while a few just turn up their noses completely.

But the gifts are a hit.

Catsby is settling into a new doll bed. Etobicoke Humane Society/Facebook

The video, which includes use of a drill, not an Allen Key, quickly went viral.

“EHS volunteers had a blast assembling the beds with the help of 8-month-old Catsby,” the shelter pointed out.

This isn’t the first time anybody has thought of turning doll furniture into pet paraphernalia.

In fact, there’s a Pintrest page dedicated to the topic. It’s been big in Japan for quite a while. And, a popular point of discussion in online customer reviews among cat, dog and bunny owners.

The good folks in Etobicoke have enjoyed internet fame thanks to the life hack.

“If only we had a dollar for all 21,600 views! That would be the cherry on the sundae,” the humane society posted.

But the clicks kept rising.

“Ha and we thought it’d be cool to have a dollar for every view back when there were only 21k views. We’re at 91+k now!!!,” the shelter later noted.

And now, more than 100,000 times.

IKEA also donated another $300 to help take care of the animals.

Offers to volunteers and support the cause also starting flooding in. Even if you’re not a doll bed-maker or in the neighbourhood, you can still help the shelter by donating here.

Because who could resist this face?

“No catnip needed,” the Etobicoke Humane Society notes. Facebook

Photos Etobicoke Humane Society/Facebook

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