Caturday is purr-fect at Calgary’s Regal Cat Café

Coffee shops featuring kittens have popped up around the globe.

But Canada’s latest version of cats and lattes features the adorable as well as the adoptable.

That’s right. All the cats at the Regal Cat Café in Calgary, Alberta are also looking for furr-ever homes.

And, it turns out people are visiting for more than just the novelty.

So far, every cat has been adopted.

Located in the city’s trendy northwest Kensington neighbourhood, it’s drawing coffee lovers as well as curiosity seekers.

This is the Kitty Kingdom.

Which is separate from the actual coffee shop.

(Though, you can bring your coffee to visit the cats.)

This is the café. Bright, cheery and cat-themed goodies galore.

But back to the cats.

They sleep a lot.

Because. Cats.

They will snooze anywhere.

Even under glass coffee tables.

They are mostly cuddly.

But sometimes. This.

So, how does it work?

The $10 fee for a 45-minute visit with the cats goes entirely to the MEOW Foundation.

(Or, you can sip on your drink and just watch the cats through a glass wall.)

The non-profit charity has been rescuing and re-homing cats and kittens in the city since 2000.

The adoption successes are featured on the wall.

On every second Monday, the cats go to their new homes.

On Tuesday, the new batch of cats and kittens arrives.

This is cat lady heaven.

Oh, and the coffee and food? Delicious, too.

There’s also kitty kitsch and human goodies.

You should go.

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