Caught on Camera: Bears slowly waking up from hibernation in Montana

Spring is technically here, but it doesn’t mean everyone is rushing into the new season.

Take this black bear in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

The park said the sleepy critter has been “sluggishly” poking its head out of a cottonwood tree den since March 23.

“Blink. Blink. Do you ever struggle just to keep your eyes open? 😴” the park wrote on Facebook. “…You might hit the snooze button for ten minutes but bears can take several weeks to fully emerge from hibernation!”

The spring ritual comes in stages.

Male bears tend to come out first – between early to mid-March, according to the park. Meanwhile, solitary females, and females with yearlings or two-years olds, shake off the long winter’s nap in late March through mid-April.

And, the last to emerge are females with newborn cubs, generally from mid-April until early May.

You can watch some of the slow-motion excitement on Glacier’s web cam.

Yawning, for example.

Black bear yawns as it warms up to spring in cottonwood tree den. Glacier National Park/Facebook

“A black bear rests, looks around, and yawns from a hole in a tree while the camera zooms in,” the park noted on Good Friday.

The struggle to get comfortable is real.

If you keep an eye on the webcam, you might get lucky and see the bear climbing through the branches.

Or, you might just want to tuck in and take a nap, too.

Photos Glacier National Park/Facebook

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