Caught on dash cam: California cop chases three bears away from strip mall

Police officers have many duties.

Ticketing speeders. Arresting bad guys. Bear whispering.

Wait, what?

California’s Placer County Sheriff’s Office has just such an expert. That’s where Deputy Don Nevins captured the images of three intruding bears near a Taco Bell strip mall this week.

“Well, our resident bear whisperer, Deputy Nevins, was at it again last night in Tahoe City!” police posted on Facebook. “He was patrolling the Lighthouse Center when he encountered these three ‘little’ bears. Looks like the second one was trying to get into the trash can. We love how they all gathered up and took off together! “Here comes the cops, run!!'”

The amused officer can be heard on the dash cam video saying to the furry marauders, “What are you guys doing?” with a laugh.

And if you’re wondering why the officer seems so chill about it, here’s why.

In October, Deputy Nevins chased another bear away from a populated area.

“Hey big boy. Don’t be breaking into any of them businesses,” he could be heard saying, again on dash cam video.

That bear eventually wanders away.

“WOW! Check out the size of this ‘suspicious subject’ that Deputy Nevins encountered in Kings Beach last night! 🐻🔦” police wrote of the encounter.

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