Caught in the Act: Dog makes mess, feels shame

TikTok user Cyrus M spends a lot of time documenting the shenanigans of his three dogs.

Take, for example, his recent video titled “Another day, another mess” wherein his doberman gets up to no good.

“Who did that?” a voice can be heard saying off camera. “Did you do that? Did you do that?”

As the camera pans from the dog frozen in its tracks, to a mess of empty fast food containers tossed around the room, you just know the pooch is pooched.

“Go to kennel,” he says. “Kennel! Kennel!”

And the dog does — with gusto. The very bad doggo runs into the kennel sending it careening across the floor and the door slamming shut behind.

The video has been viewed more than 3.9 million times.

Who’s sorry now?

@cyrus_m_ Another day, another mess. #gotokennel #dog #doberman #dogs ♬ original sound – Cyrus M

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