Caught on Video: Chimpanzees play airplane game and it is amazing

Animals really are just like us.

And us, like them.

The Tai Chimpanzee Project recently captured the most incredible video of a male chimpanzee playing airplane with a baby. Laying on his back with his feet in the air, the baby is bounced around like a rag doll.

Primatologist Liran Samuni spotted it and almost couldn’t contain her laughter.

Wheeee! Tai Chimpanzee Project/YouTube

“I love it when the chimps play airplane! even more when they simulate turbulence,” she wrote on Twitter.

The video has been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

The organization has been researching and helping with conservation of wild chimpanzees in the Tai National Park, Cote d’Ivoire, since 1979.

Based in Leipzig, Germany, researchers are currently keeping tabs on three habituated neighbouring communities with about 100 chimpanzees.

Including this magical moment.

Male chimp cuddles with a baby after a game of airplane. Tai Chimpanzee Project/YouTube

The best. Just, the best.

Photos Tai Chimpanzee Project/YouTube

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