Caught on video: Live rat trapped inside a NYC subway MetroCard machine

Answer: You leave the change. YOU LEAVE IT.

Question: “How much money would have to be in the change return for you to reach in there?”

That’s what Instagram’s @subwaycreatures asks along with a video of a rat seemingly stuck in a MetroCard machine along the New York subway system.

It is next level horrifying.


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How much money would have to be in the change return for you to reach in there? #subwaycreatures (@ranuchbk)

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Nicole Ranucci claims ownership of the spine-tingling video, which see says she took more than a year ago.

But when it was posted on a public Instagram account Tuesday, it went viral.

Ranucci told Gothamist she could see the rat’s tail dangling when she went up to the machine.

“The rat dropped into the receipt holder from within the machine,” she told the publication. “I noticed as I was using [the machine], no one else in the station seemed to notice it as it was the middle of the day. I believe the rat did get out on its own but I can’t be sure as I needed to catch the train, but I’m sure it did because it kept lifting the door to try to escape.”

But is it really real? Or, a hoax?

Because, you know. Pizza Rat.

Does rat reality even matter anymore?

For what it’s worth, officials are looking into it.

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