Caught on Video: Wolf bites grizzly’s bum in Yellowstone

For a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park, one wolf was a real pain in the butt.

Gary Gaston was visiting the park on Sept. 4 when he captured video of the bizarre interaction between the two predators in the northern area of the protected space. That almost one-minute long video was posted to a Yellowstone group on Facebook.

“Look he got him right in the butt,” someone says as the wolf approaches for a second chomp. 

Wolf: 3 Grizzly: 0. Photo: Gary Gaston/Facebook

Gaston told USA Today there was a carcass of a large animal nearby, which may explain why the wolf, bear and a bunch of ravens were hanging around.

The bear’s best tactic seemed to be just to sit down after the third bite.

Sometimes just sitting down is a great defense. Photo: Gary Gaston/Facebook

Gaston said his group was watching wolves at Crystal Creek near Slough Creek at daybreak when this one wolf “decided to nip the bear.”

“Crazy wolves, these,” he wrote.

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