Caught on Video: Clever coyote climbs tree to eat berries in Canada

By any measure, this is incredible.

Mona Giles spotted – and snagged a video of — a creative coyote eyeing some berries in central Alberta where it recently snowed.

“This is amazing, took this a couple days ago at Pine Lake,” she posted on Facebook, where the video has now been viewed 35,000 times.

The critter spots a free (and delicious) meal.

Clever coyote eyes way up berry tree. Mona Giles/Facebook

And goes for it.

Yummy frozen berries. Mona Giles/Facebook

It really is amazing.

“Take the time to watch till the end,” Giles wrote in her post. “I have never seen anything like it!!”

No kidding.

Photos Mona Giles/Facebook

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