Champ and Major are in the (White) House

Champ and Major are probably the most famous dogs in the world.

And now, the pups that belong to President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, are living large at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The pair officially moved into the White House Monday.

The First Lady tweeted the pet-friendly news.

The photos were taken by White House photographer Adam Schultz.

Champ is clearly making himself at home.

The dogs quickly made their presence known.

As President Biden signed an executive order reversing a ban on transgender people joining military service, barking dogs could be heard outside the Oval Office.

Then, they could be seen frolicking on the White House lawn.

As you do.
Who is a good doggo? Photo: Adam Shultz/White House

The episode prompted the White House to remind everyone Biden’s campaign slogan to “Build Back Better” to protect American workers became one of “Build Bark Better” to see dogs return to the White House.

Champ has long been in the Biden family, but Major made news when he was adopted and would go on to become the first rescue dog in the White House.

The official adoption portrait. Delaware Humane Association/Facebook

The First Dogs are a welcome change on the grounds which never saw a pet during the Trump administration.

These presidential pets are sure to be crashing many photo ops over the next four years.

And we are here for this content.

Major is the first rescue dog to ever reside at the White House. Photo: Adam Schultz/White House

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