China’s Safari World closes after free-roaming tigers snatch woman who left car after argument

Officials have shut down China’s largest zoo with mountain wildlife that roam around while visitors drive through after a horrifying fatal mauling when tigers snatched two women who left their vehicles.

The incident took place Sunday and CCTV footage captured the moments before and after the women were attacked.

It appeared that an argument inside the car led to the first woman leaving the vehicle on one side and going to the driver’s side to continue arguing.

She was the tiger’s first victim. When an older woman rushed out to help, she was also attacked and fatally mauled to death. Park staff rushed to help but could not save the victim.

The first woman is in hospital with serious injuries but expected to survive.

After the incident, the safari park, which lies at the foot of the Great Wall, closed down to investigate.

Visitors are allowed to drive through the park but are told to stay inside the vehicle. There are more than 10,000 different wildlife in the park including the largest group of African lions in China, American white tigers and Siberian tigers.

Animal walk freely in the world and there are 20 zones for viewing them.

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