Cleaning app gives people the chance to foster a cat to get rid of mice

Mousers on demand is a new service being offered to residents in London who want to get rid of mice but don’t want to commit to a cat on a permanent basis.

The animal charity Wood Green is starting an app that provides cats temporarily to homeowners in London. The cats are up for adoption and bookable for free for short-term work.

Think of it like a consulting contract for cats. They go where they are needed and once the job is done, they move on to another project.

Available mouse catchers can be viewed at a cat-alogue at the Wood Green site where you can see their photos and (nine) life stories. The free-to-download app for on-demand cleaning is available through the DIY service Handy.

Wood Green hopes that the cats’ elevation to digital superstars will aid in this fostering process, while also repelling any mice inhabiting their new foster parents’ homes.

Pete Dowds, UK Country Manager for Handy, said cats will be available to clean homes throughout London.

In the past, our cleaners have been asked to bring in moggies to scare rodents, so we were delighted to take the unusual step of being able to offer ‘foster-able’ felines from Wood Green alongside our more typical cleaning and DIY services. Naturally, this is all about the cats, and we hope that Londoners will fall in love with some of the attractive mousers that come to stay: potentially turning temporary residences into permanent ones as a result.”

While fostering is free to any user of the Handy app, customers are encouraged to a make a donation to the charity, or consider making the fostering a temporary adoption. Handy’s app is available to download for free on both iOS and Android from today.

h/t: Wood Green

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