Close encounter with a great white shark off the coast of New Brunswick

Passengers aboard a whale watching tour boat off the east coast of Canada were wowed by a close up view with a great white shark. The shark, estimated to be between 3.5 to 6 metres, swam in large circles beside Quoddy Link Marine, a New Brunswick outfitter that tours guests around the Bay of Fundy. The shark calmly swam beside the boat for about 10 minutes, according to CBC.

Experts say the sighting by St. Andrews by-the-sea is rare. The excitement was not lost on the whale watchers.

“Saw this humongous shark about a mile away from the harbor where we boarded a whale watching tour with Quoddy link marine,” wrote Dave Hannett, who posted a video of the encounter on YouTube.  Almost 300,000 people have already watched it since it was posted on July 21.

Oh, in case you’re wondering. No, this isn’t a shark week hoax.

Photo Dave Hannett/YouTube

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