Cockatoo plays peekaboo with traffic camera in Australia

This traffic camera in Australia really provides a bird’s eye view.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland posted a pretty mesmerizing video of one of its traffic cameras being spied by one very curious bird.

“Keep an eye out for this complete galah on the road today,” the department posted on Facebook, where the video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

It’s easy to see why.

The upside down head. The eyes. The pokity-poke-poke beak.

By the way, not a galah.

“Relax everyone, we know it’s not a galah,” the department added, after social media was flooded with a flurry of feathered frustration.

Galahs are indeed cockatoos, but they are mostly pink. So, different than this peeping perp. This caught-in-the-act culprit is a sulphur-crested cockatoo.

But does it even matter?

One curious cockatoo.

Still, everyone had a little fun with the cockatoo cock-up.

“It might not be bang-on but at least this draft is safe for work,” the department wrote later. “Have you thought about following Queensland National Parks for more accurate bird IDs?”

Galah, a term sometimes used, to describe silly behaviour.

And this most certainly qualifies.

You looking at me?

Of course, Queensland National Parks flew back with a joke aimed at its brethren in transport.

“Without ‘feather’ ado Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland) feel free to send us these feathery culprits to ID and we will send you some regos for identification! 😉 Cheers QNP.”

“One good tern deserves another,” Transport replied.

Also, traffic was pretty light on Murgatroyd Road West.

Cockatoo plays eye spy with a traffic camera in Queensland, Australia.

Photos Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland/Facebook

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