Comedian Mike Epps drags distressed kangaroo on to stage, outrages fans

It’s not just animal rights activists who are angry at comedian Mike Epps after he forced a kangaroo on stage. He got plenty of his fans riled up as well.

A video of Epps getting punched by a kangaroo who was obviously not happy about being dragged on to the stage has gone viral.

The kangaroo, owned by some guy who makes money bringing exotic animals to show school kids, was already in the news after he was spotted being walked around in Detroit last week.

The kangaroo is seen on a leash hopping down the street as a man runs with it. It’s unknown how or why the kangaroo is in the man’s possession but it is clear that the video was shot in Detroit.

In the background of the video, street signs show the kangaroo being on Birchcrest Drive while the geotagging on the original video shows the Detroit Snapchat stamp on it.

Since being posted, the vide has been shared and liked thousands of times as people wonder exactly how this happened in the first place.

During Epps’ show last weekend in Detroit, the kangaroo is brought on stage and tries to escape. A fan at the show posted a video.

Epps then apologized on Instagram, saying he’s an animal lover. But the damage was already done.

Fans noted that the kangaroo obviously looked terrified and Epps should be ashamed for forcing the animal on stage for entertainment.


The actor initially posted video of him feeding the kangaroo backstage, explaining, “Look how nice I am 2 him” before deleting it.
But not before the video had already been shared.

h/t: MLive

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