A comedic take on lone wolves tackling misconceptions of being linked to terrorism

This is one of the funniest bits of satire we’ve seen and heard in a long time.

The Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s DeAnne Smith wrote a piece published on Feb 1st about a fake news conference being held by so-called lone wolves.

Two  lone wolves, simply called Wolf A and Wolf B, spoke out about their mistreatment in the media.

Being linked to terrorists is just “bad facts,” according to the wolves.

Avoiding eye contact, Wolf B continued, “Being forced to live away from my pack is, like, hard enough. I really don’t need bad publicity on top of it. Also, saying we’re the same as terrorists is just bad facts.”
“It’s inaccurate,” Wolf A added. “We can’t say definitively that young, white men are more likely than others to carry out mass murder, but multiple studies, as well as reality, have shown that white men do commit mass shootings at a disproportionate rate relative to the rest of the population.”

h.t/ CBC Comedy

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