Conjoined grey whale twins considered a world’s first

Whoa. The discovery of conjoined grey whale twins is considered a world’s first. The twins washed ashore in Baja California, Mexico on Jan. 5. The creatures were around 2 metres long – about half the length of a normal, full-term grey whale calf. Experts said they were likely miscarried or stillborn, but the Guerrero Negro Verde
Facebook page, which addresses environmental issues in the region and posted the first photos of the creatures, suggested they were alive at birth.

The fate of the mother is unknown, but scientists suggested she may have died during the birth.


While other species have documented cases of conjoined twins, scientists said this is the first known case of it occurring in grey whales. Grey whales grow to the length of a city bus grow and a weight of up to 30,000 kilograms. 

Watch more about the bizarre discovery here:

h/t Daily Mail Photo Farah Castillo, Guerrero Negro Verde Facebook Page


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