How do you convince your dad to get a cat? Make a Wall of Sorrow

Danielle Grubisic’s 13-year-old little sister really wanted a cat. But her dad was reluctant. So she did what any teenager girl would do and constructed a wall of sorrow.

Using vivid photos of cats crying, Danielle’s sister reminded the dad that they really needed a cat with hand-written signs.

“Please. Your (sic) letting cats die alone and never have a family or feel love.”

“Your (sic) killing innocent lives.”

and our favourite: “You ignored my note and now you’re probably going to ignore this wall of sorrow.”

Among the notes were lots of photographs and drawings of cats crying.

My little sister made a “wall of sorrow” to make my dad feel bad so she could get a cat.. well it worked

— Danielle Grubisic (@Itsssdanielle) December 10, 2017

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We’ll spoiler it right away so we don’t leave anything hanging. Dad caved.


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