Do animals fart? Scientists build database of which species break wind

Dear Readers: We’re reposting this from the weekend because the database has grown substantially and it’s vital that you stay updated.

If you’ve ever wondered which animals break wind, the answer can be found at this awesome database being built over that exact subject matter.

Best entries so far

YES category:

Giraffe Hell Yes At “face height” of the average man


Domesticated Dogs Canis lupus familiaris Yes but often takes blame from nearby hominid, Boston Terriers are famous for their farting; known to scare selves with their farts

MAYBE category:

Arachnids Arachnida Maybe Assumed as yes, but never really been proven

NO category:

Sea Anemone   No But awful burps

Check it out and add your own scientifically-proven research:

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