Cops kill Cane Corso in Minneapolis while chasing robbers

We recently told you about Geist, the Weimaraner from Utah who was shot in his backyard while police were looking for a missing child.

A reader told us about another case, this one in Minneapolis.

A Cane Corso name Tito was shot in the head by police after he escape from the backyard of his owner’s Josh Lyczkowski’s home after the gate was broken.

The dog ran out and Lyczkowski ran after him. But it was too late. Minneapolis police who were in hot pursuit of the alleged car thief who busted Lyczkowski’s gate shot Tito in the head.

Police said Tito lunged at them; Lyczkowski insists his 120-pound dog was just being playful. As the dog owner told the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

“He’s a sweetheart”

Police issued a statement calling the incident “sad and unfortunate.”

h/t: Star Tribune
Photo credit: Facebook page Josh Lyczkowski

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