Cougar caught up a tree will be set free in British Columbia

Calls about a cat up a tree usually lead to a punch line.

But when 911 lines lit up about a cougar in Victoria, British Columbia on Friday, first responders leapt into action.

The public was told to stay away as the big cat was seemingly stuck up a tree along Gorge Road East in the provincial capital. Police, fire crews and conservation officers hatched a plan to save — not kill — the animal.

“Our duty crews responded to a different type of rescue this evening, members assisted Conservation Officers and Victoria Police with the safe lowering of a tranquilized cougar from a tree along the Gorge,” Victoria firefighters Local 730 tweeted.

With the unconscious mountain lion slung over his shoulder, a firefighter slowly descended a ladder and gently placed the big cat on the ground — even giving it a nice pat on the head.

It all didn’t take long.

The cougar will be just fine.

The Conservation Officer Service checked out the animal, deemed it to be in good health and promised it would be released back into the wild.

Everybody on scene couldn’t be happier.

Main photo BC Conservation Officer Service/Twitter

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