Couple builds enormous bed to snuggle up with their eight dogs. Yes, eight

Now this is a dog bed. Or at least, the family bed taken to new – and adorable – extremes.

Micheal’s Custom Interiors was called in recently for the unusual project: build a bed for a couple, who happen to run a charity that saves older, shelter dogs. They also happen to have eight of their own pooches.

And voila: a 7-by 13-foot-long bed fit for 10.

Michael's Custom Interiors built this bed for a couple and their 8 dogs/Facebook
Michael’s Custom Interiors built this bed for a couple and their 8 dogs/ Facebook

Media outlets around the world are now picking up on the unique project.

“We are super excited this story is serving to raise awareness for rescue dogs in need of a home,” the craftsman posted on Facebook. “If you have room in your home & hearts to adopt a dog in need, please consider reaching out to your local shelter or rescue organization. There are so many animals in need of a home who would love to become part of your forever family.”

The work was commissioned by Chris and Mariesa Hughes, who are behind The Mr. Mo Project, a New York-state charity which fights to save senior shelter dogs nationwide.” It was founded in remembrance of their late, beloved dog named Mr. Mo.

There are special touches, such as paw prints carved lovingly into the headboard.


Paw prints carved into the custom bed/Facebook
Paw prints carved into the custom bed/Facebook


And, stairs with a safety railing for the old-timers who can no longer make the leap up.


Stairs for the elderly dogs. Michael's Custom Interiors/Facebook
Stairs for the elderly dogs. Michael’s Custom Interiors/Facebook

And so far, everyone is sleeping well, according to the couple. And, as an added bonus, all the unexpected attention is driving more people to their non-profit organization.

“We think Gremlin is so lucky to have a mega bed and get to sleep with her humans and all of her fur brothers and fur sister!,” Chris and Mariesa wrote on Facebook. “Silly Jilly sometimes sleeps with her mom, but Saint doesn’t really know what to do with a bed. He was a “yard dog” and came from a cruelty case to us. When he first got into a real home, everything interested him! He loves the couch but does not like being in bed.”

There’s no way these pets will ever be in the dog house.

Photos Michael’s Custom Interiors/Facebook

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