Scottish couple has close encounter with bear at their front door

A bear! It’s a bear Irene!

Bob McKeown, from Scotland, didn’t anticipate seeing a bear in front of his California vacation home in Pasadena. But their close encounter with the remarkably calm brown bear was caught on CCTV camera.

At one point the bear seemed to wait and watch for the McKeowns to lock their door and looked at them for seconds while just a bear length away.

It was only out of the camera range that the McKeown and his wife Irene noticed how close the bear was to them. McKeown told Irene to stay in the car and he and the bear got into a tussle. McKeown had minor injuries on his leg.

“I never had so much excitement.”

The same bear has been spotted around the Pasadena neighbourhood and while it looks relatively harmless, neighbours are concerned. There is a growing call for the bear to be captured and tranquilized.

h/t: Reuters, Guardian

Photo credit: New York Daily News

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