Coyote with jar stuck on head finally rescued in California

After at least 10 days with a giant plastic jar stuck on her head, this should be one very grateful coyote.

Wildlife officials and well-intentioned volunteers had been trying to rescue the coyote which had been wandering east of Auburn, California.

Finally, success in capturing the otherwise hopeless animal.

“WE GOT HER!!!!!” Gold Country Wildlife Rescue announced on Facebook Monday.

This young female coyote was trapped in a jar for at least 10 days. Gold Country Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

Finally caught after so long eluding would-be rescuers

She was captured late this morning and is undergoing treatment for dehydration and starvation,” the wildlife rescue group said. “She is very weak but showing small signs of improvement and we are hopeful. More updates and photos to come.”

That after working with another organization, Sierra Wildlife Rescue, as well as dozens of volunteers in attempt to capture and then treat the coyote.

Lorie Barrett was among those to help with the rescue.

“We just captured the coyote with the jar on his head and are in transport to the veterinarian,” she offered by way of update on social media. “She is currently receiving care and fluids. I will continue to keep everyone informed, her condition is poor we hope she can process food and the damage is repairable . She only weighed 15.9 pounds.”

Experts removing the jar from the wayward coyote. Lorie Barrett/Facebook

But it’s not all bad news.

“It’s reported that she’s doing well this evening and has some feisty still in her,” Barrett added.

The saved coyote is now not so ugly. Lorie Barrett/Facebook

This is one very lucky coyote.

The wayward critter will eventually be returned to the wild.

Hopefully, she’ll steer clear of tasty smells coming from poorly discarded rubbish.

Main photo Lorie Barrett/Facebook

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