Critter Karma. People risk lives to save dogs, dogs return the favour.

Vera Salgado, we don’t know you. But we love you.

We love how you calmly walked across a busy Mexican highway, cars honking at you to get out of the way, to an injured mixed breed dog who was lying huddled against a concrete barrier.

With Jedi-like concentration, Vera waited for the dog to notice her. She had a makeshift leash in her hand.

We can’t stop watching, a bit mesmerized, on how Vera did exactly the right thing, staying grounded and patient as cars and big trucks whizzed past them.

It helped the dog get comfortable with her presence and when the time was right, Vera coaxed him to her side.

The dog is now on the mend. Check out the video below.

But as we were reminded with this other video, it’s not all one-sided. Critters have saved many people.

This video below, taken through CCTV cameras from different angles show how O’Neil, the guide dog noticed something was wrong while out walking.

O’Neil, who is in training, was the first to notice the sounds of a runaway car. Acting what it seems instinctively, he tugged on his leash behind held by his female handler Danielle Alvarado. Alvarado was wearing a blindfold to simulate for O’Neil how he had to assist his person. O'Neil

Training supervisor Todd Jurek who was also there then pushes O’Neil and Alvarado around the corner just moments before a runaway speeding car hurls down the sidewalk where they were just walking.

Apparently, the driver was trying to parallel park when she lost control of the vehicle. But man, by the speed that runaway car was going, she must have really lost control.

Thanks O’Neil! Thanks Vera!

Save a dog, save a human. Have an awesome Friday.

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