Croc grabs golfer

This one could be put under the category of critters versus humans versus golf cart. It all began on an 18-hole course at Cancun, Mexico when a 12ft crocodile decided it was time to snack on a British tourist name Dougie. The Daily Mail set the scene up this way: “With its well-manicured greens and fabulous beach side location, the 18-hole course at Cancun has a deserved reputation as a golfer’s paradise. For Dougie Thomson, however, it turned out to be a living hell.” The 58-year-old tourist from Glasgow was chomped down on his right thigh by the crocodile. Fortunately, Dougie’s pals had some golf clubs handy and ran the critter over with a golf cart repeatedly in order to get Thomson freed from its clutches.

h/t: The Daily Mail

Photo credit: Travel Golf Mexico


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