Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward stung 20 times during Spring Training

Chicago Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward managed to keep his sense of humor – and fine form – despite being swarmed by bees during a pre-season game against the Seattle Mariners in Mesa, Arizona. It was during the top of the third inning when the bees descended on the field at Sloan Park leaving Heyward to move around the field and swat helplessly at the swarm. He even bunny hopped atop a fence on Easter Sunday to avoid the insects. “Good thing I’m not allergic,” he said later. JasonHeywardbees

Fans, meanwhile, hid under blankets to avoid the same fate, according to Major League Baseball. The game was delayed five minutes while the bees moved on.

Oh, and Heyward? He came out during the bottom of the the third and smacked a homer.

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