Cupid, the two-legged puppy left in a Toronto dumpster, gets new prosthetic limbs

There’s a lot of love for Cupid, the puppy who was found last month with just two legs and the biggest eyes you’ve ever seen on a dog.

Just days ago, Cupid was outfitted with new limbs and is on the Canadian version of training wheels–they’re little training skis for him to practice walking while he develops his back leg muscles and core muscles.

The Dog Rescuers Inc. in Oakville, Ontario took Cupid in and has been working with a team to get the approximately two-month-old puppy back to good health.

We also are working with him to extend his little front legs in a forward motion as he has developed a default position of moving them back rather than forward. We were ecstatic – and the entire room got teary eyed – when we rolled a ball across the room and he actually went to go get it!!

Cupid is doing SO fabulously well in foster care and we are so incredibly thrilled to see how happy he looks playing with his foster brother Dakota. Dakota is also available for adoption through our program. As most of you know, Cupid was fitted for his prosthetic legs last week and he will be going back at the end of next week to take his first step forward in his new legs! We are so astounded at how much love and support has poured in for this little guy, it has been truly wonderful to see!. Cupid will not be available for adoption for another couple of weeks – keep an eye out as we will announce when he is officially available for adoption, however please check back to see update in the meantime <3

In January, Dog Rescuers Inc. got a call saying there was a puppy in distress. Cupid was found tied in a bag and discarded like garbage behind a building. Dog Rescuers Inc rushed him into the care of a veterinarian and he’s been recovering well.

Cupid’s problems were major. Not only had he been left in a bag to die, he also has a birth defect and is missing his front two legs.

After he underwent tests, it turns out his issues were correctable. The consensus is he’s a Great Pyrenese cross but as he grows more, there will be a better understanding of exactly what breed he is.

There’s already been lots of requests to adopt him. But Cupid is not the only one who needs help. There are tons of dogs, including many senior dogs, who need homes. Not just puppies.

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