Cute Alert: Freddie the dog and her humans raise triplet baby skunks

They may be little stinkers, but these baby skunks are loved by their human – and dog – family.

The trio, born little more than two months ago, were rejected by their mother. But the two sisters, and their brother, an albino skunk, were taken in by a loving family and their dog, named Freddie.

“The story of our three little skunks, born on the 1st August 2016 and rejected by thier mother we had to attempt to save thier lives and hand rear them,” writes the family behind Skunks & Co, on their YouTube channel. “From thier first ever feed, every two hours day and night for the first week. We didn’t expect them to survive as they where all under average birth weight! They didn’t just survive! They did amazingly well!”


The hand-raised skunks named Stripey, little Mini and Snowy (the albino one) are doing so well, the kits took their first outting to a park.

And they love being around their humans.


And nope, the family doesn’t worry about being sprayed, noting on YouTube:

“They are ten weeks old now and they are so friendly having been hand reared we’re not worried about spraying.”

And, they love their surrogate mother, Freddie.



You’ve come a long way, babies. We can’t wait to see you grow up.

h/t People 

Photos Skunks & Co/YouTube

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