Cute alert: Run, run rooster to meet the school bus

People say dogs are loyal.

But look at this rooster.

“Everyday Frog meets the kids getting off the bus 😍 He is such a goofy rooster!” Holley Burns posted in Facebook where her amazing video is being seriously cooed over.

“Frog,” someone can be heard saying in the video. “School bus. Listen. Here comes sister. Hurry. Go meet her.”

And then Frog the Rooster does just that.

He’s one plucky and clucky little fella.

And yes, Frog has his own Facebook page where you can follow more of his adventures.

The future viral video star lives with his family lives in Atlanta, Texas.

Frog the Rooster/Facebook

You’ll see, he’s very busy.

Photo Holley Burns/Facebook

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