Dallas Cowboys’ Lucky Whitehead’s dog stolen then returned in most bizarre way

It was a really bizarre case of dognapping.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead turned to social media saying his dog has been kidnapped.

In a “heartbreaking” Instagram post, Whitehead says his beloved Blitz was snatched from his house a week ago and someone had been calling asking for cash in return for the pooch.

“While out of town, Blitz was being taken care of by a close friend at my house and someone broke in and took him,” he wrote on Instagram Sunday night. “Whomever stole Blitz has contacted my phone numerous times, demanding ransom money. I strongly advise you to stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse!”

“If you know of any details regarding Blitz’s whereabouts or who may be involved in this, please contact me immediately,” Whitehead added.

And, then it got weird.

It seems, whomever took the dog turned around and sold him.

Dallas-area rapper named Boogotti Kasino posted a profane video with Blitz.

Between the cussing — and apparent dope smoking — he demands Whitehead hand over $20,000 in exchange for the pit bull.

All of this, of course, posted on Twitter Monday night.

Kasino clarifying today, “I ain’t stole no dog.”

Again, a warning about the profanity.

And then returned the dog to Whitehead.

To cleanse your palate. Let’s just leave you with this. Blitz as a puppy.

And Blitz in a jersey.

My new mascot @blitz2fast growing FAST!! #Luck2Fast #AirBlitz 🏈🐶⭐️

A post shared by Lucky Whitehead (@luck2fast) on

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