Danny Green of the Toronto Raptors makes a play for pet adoption

The Toronto Raptors may be locked in playoff battle with the Philadelphia 76ers.

But Raptors shooting guard Danny Green is still finding time to help score some points for pet adoption.

He recently visited Toronto Animal Services “Second Chance Dogs” program in support of National Pet week.

“Everyone knows my dogs Gizmo and Nuke are a huge part of my life and give me unconditional love every day,” the three-point shooting ace posted on Instagram Wednesday. “These Second Chance Dogs need homes as part of the ‘Return The Love’ campaign.”

Green is calling on Torontonians to visit animal services and pay a reduced adoption fee of $50 hoping that will help more dogs find forever homes.

“Let’s make a difference in their lives,” Green wrote.

Toronto Animal Services was positively beaming over the basketball player’s shelter visit.

“Second Chance Dogs are sent to a training program to improve their life skills,” the city wrote.

“The program aims to match them with experienced families that can continue their positive training journey. We’re so grateful to have Danny in our corner for our Second Chance Dogs,” it added.

His endorsement really is a slam dunk.

Green is a true animal lover.

Like every proud parent, he makes birthday posts about his pets Gizmo and Nuke.


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Happy bday to my oldest, the Gizinator…house protector and OG…3years has gone fast my friend. #littlewolf #pomsky #Mogwai #Gizmo

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And his dogs are just the cat’s meow adorable.


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My little guy turned 1 today…Happy bday Nuke! #pomsky #timetogethimabeartohumpon 😂

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They are totally giving 110 per cent cute.


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Little late but gotta show my boys some love #NationalDogDay #Pomskies #Gizmo&Nuke #littlewolves

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Green’s fans just can’t say enough good things about him.

Posts to his Instagram account are positively gushing over this celebrity adopt-don’t shop endorsement.

keep_kawhi_in_canada wrote:  “You are such a quality person. Feel free to call Toronto and Canada home forever. #oneofus

jessemaronese posted: ” What can’t @greenranger14 do? I don’t know what’s better, your performance yesterday on the court or this. #tossup keep up the great work. Always give back.”

But perhaps spunky_jp summed it up best: “I didn’t think I could crush on you anymore and then this… “

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