Deer does not move for lawn mower

Tiktok user Braylee Hird recently posted the most Canadian landscaping video.

In it a deer can be seen plopped down on a lush lawn as a woman politely pushes a lawn mower around the immobile animal. Meanwhile, a dog chirps at the lounging deer as if to say, “Oh, dear.”

But the deer, of course, does not move from its grassy picnic blanket.

More than 3.8 million people have viewed it and the comments, naturally, centre largely around John Deere.

Hird called it “Canadian tings” and it comes courtesy of her uncle and aunt.

“POV: your deer won’t move so you have to mow around him,” she wrote.

@brayleehird Canadian tings🇨🇦 Credit: Uncle & his wife #canadian #foryourpage #canadianthings #fyp #healthadepopit #deertiktok #deerseason ♬ original sound – Braylee Hird

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