Delightful dog bouncing her way through English field — and into our hearts. Thanks, Adam Buxton.

No happier dog exists. This confirms it. Rosie is the happiest dog in the world.

Just watch as the whippet-poodle mix bounds through an English field.


Her owner, comedian Adam Buxton, posted the video online over the weekend showing 45 seconds of pure puppy bliss. Viewers will be mesmerized by the long grass moves waiting for the next great leap.

It’s like watching a shark wade through the water.


“She likes to bounce,” Buxton said of Rosie. “I ensured the field (which is in Norwich, East Anglia, UK) was entirely tick-free before she started.”

And the best part: She emerges from the field only to run down the dirt road and go back in for a do-over.

Photos Adam Buxton/YouTube

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