Depressed dog mothers stuffed animals after she loses all her puppies

Xavier Hernandez is grieving the miscarriage of a loved one.

But it’s not his wife, girlfriend, mother or any other woman in his life. Instead, it’s his beloved rescue dog, Twinkle. Three puppies-to-be, gone in an instant.

So, like any ordinary millennial, the 18-year-old from Whittier, California, shared his turmoil on the home front online.

A solemn Twinkle cuddling with stuffies.

Surrogate puppies, if you will.

The outpouring has been, well, an absolute digital puddle of tears.

Some people have even offered to send toys.

And now, Hernandez is looking to crowd fund “treats and toys to make her get out of this depression.”

Before you think it’s just a crass attempt to capitalize on viral fame – his original tweet has been retweeted 13,000 times and liked another 26,000 — Hernandez is only looking for $100, which isn’t exactly Freedom 55.

Be well little Twinkle. Be good Xavier.

Photos Xavier Hernandez/Twitter

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