Did you hear the one about the bear who walked into a Brazilian BBQ?

The smell of BBQ does tend to draw a crowd.

It’s just normally not this wild.

But a black back sauntered down Main Street Sunday night in the Rocky Mountain resort town of Canmore, Alberta and right into Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue.

“A bear tried to come into the restaurant today,” the popular eatery posted on Facebook over the weekend. “But we told him, ‘No shirt, no shoes, NO SERVICE!’”

And all of it was caught on surveillance video.

The bruin left as quickly as it entered.

The restaurant also posted video from its street camera, which shows the bear running down the road and clamouring through its patio before taking off.

Police and Fish and Wildlife officers soon got involved and helped move the bear along and back into the bush.

But folks at the restaurant are still having a good chuckle about the whole thing.

“Like my Brazilian vovó always said, ‘Olhos Aberto!’ Keep your eyes open, you never know what you’re going to see walking down the street in Canmore, Alberta!!!”

Photo Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue/Facebook


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