Dining Room for Dogs, feeding strays in Colombia

In Spanish, it’s being called Comedor para perros callejeros, dining room for dogs and it’s one woman’s attempt to humanize the plight of stray dogs in Colombia.

Jimena Hoyos is a Colombian actress who dearly loves dogs. Given the number of abandoned and homeless dogs in Colombia she decided to create Gozques. She was inspired to try and help based on her love for her own dog, Zico. Zico-and-Jimena1-231x300

The magnitude of their love, their loyalty, their complete devotion. Every time I come back to Colombia, I see so many mutts, homeless dogs in the streets.”

Hoyos who is also an artist, decided a few years ago to begin taking pictures of the street dogs she saw. The pictures are amazing. She puts them in unique frames built y materials in the vicinity of where she finds the stray dogs.

With each photograph, Hoyos tells the story behind each dog.

This is how she describes Lil Gray Dot:

He knows how cute he is. He is the typical kind of puppy  that would make it in L.A. I can see him living in a mansión, with private nannies, dog walkers, full wardrobe and endless accessories.

Another dog, Leonardo, governs a vast abandoned mechanic workshop.

This is his kingdom, his aristocratic elegance and powerful glance assures everyone who is in charge.

Here’s a gallery of the pictures Hoyos has taken.

To Jimena, several problem affect the canine population.

There is a lack of sympathy from people. They tend to treat them abusively, cruel and damaging. There is lack of veterinary care and medicine and, of course, lack of food and safe shelter for these dogs. “

In front of her restaurant in Cajicá, Hoyo built a food dispenser provides 40 kg of dog food every day outside of her restaurant. Any stray dog ​​can eat and drink fresh water and get some hugs from Hoyos.

The basic idea of ​​this project, which has consistently managed to feed 30 stray dogs, is to give them a place to go where they can expect to get food. Hoyos would like to expand it.

This charitable action aims to grow and increase the distribution of dog food in other dispensers located near Bogota in different municipalities.”

For more information visit Gozques

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  1. Good morning,
    I read with interest the work you are doing in Colombia. I have visited and lived in Bogota for short periods over the last five years.
    I have always been appalled by the ill treatment of animals and particularly dogs in this mainly impoverished but generally friendly society.
    I currently live in the UK and i’m seriously considering moving to Colombia to join my partner in Bogota.
    I had considered other regions of Colombia but I cannot forget the desperate lives that the 8 million + dogs have on the streets of Bogota. So I would like to try and make a difference to the lives of these Souls.
    I note from the internet that there are already a number of people doing good work in this respect so I am just writing to you at the moment to determine who I can best work with and get a better picture of what is currently being done and how, by working in the field, I can help speed up the process of change.

    If you are interested in learning more about me or wish to discuss with me how I could assist you and the work you do, please let me know. I speak a limited amount of Spanish, but you can get some idea of who I am from my Facebook page @ JOHN BURNS.

    I look forward to your reply,

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