Dog abandoned in crate in park in frigid temperatures in northern Ontario

Who does this?

Someone left their dog in a locked crate and dumped it on the side of the road in a Bracebridge, Ontario. Lucky for the freezing little pup, a good Samaritan happened by the park.

“I am absolutely disgusted with whoever dropped off this poor innocent puppy at the dog park today in a little crate so he would have froze to death in this cold,” Jasmine Sophia posted on Facebook Thursday.

Someone abandoned this dog in cottage country in Ontario. Jasmine Sophia/Facebook

“She was crying and shaking when I found her😪😭” she added.

It’s unknown how long the dog was left there. Jasmine Sophia/Facebook

The dog ended up at the Bracebridge animal shelter. Both police and town bylaw officials have been alerted and are investigating.

But there’s a truly happy ending. The little dog is going to be adopted.

“My aunt Sandra is going to adopt her,” Jasmine updated. “She will be dearly loved.”

Photos Jasmine Sophia/Facebook

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