Dog helps find feline friend trapped at the bottom of a mine

For six days Mowgli the cat was missing — that was until his canine friend, Daisy, sniffed him out stuck down a deep mineshaft in Cornwall.

The RSPCA (England and Wales) shared the amazing animal rescue story on social media Sunday.

Daisy the dog put her nose to work and tracked the helpless kitty to a fenced off mine. The cat was trapped 30 metres down a mineshaft.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service was also called in to assist in the rescue operation.

Officials used a rope rescue team to hoist the cat to safety on solid ground.

Firefighters needed to help in Mowgli’s rescue. Photo: RSPCA/Facebook

“Thankfully he was uninjured and is now safe and sound back home recovering from his cat-atstrophe!” the RSPCA posted.

Mowgli owes Daisy a debt of gratitude. Photo: RSPCA/Facebook

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