Dog left behind by owner after eviction waits by garbage for a month

This dog was left behind when his owners were evicted from their home in Detroit.

For a month, the dog waited by the garbage left out on the sidewalk. Neighbours took pity on the dog and fed him and brought him water but the dog refused to leave his owners’ belongings.

It took Mike Diesel with Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue 15 hours of patient coaxing to get the dog to trust him. When Diesel was finally able to get close, he noticed the dog’s markings appear to spell out the word Boo, which ended up being the name given to the abandoned dog.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking for him. It’s heartbreaking for anybody that sees it.”

Neighbours say Boo was left behind by his owners.

They came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Boo.”

Luckily, neighbours fed Boo and tried to get the word out on social hoping someone would come to his rescue.

When Diesel heard about the abandoned dog, he spent more than 15 hours just to gain Boo’s trust, giving him a bit of food at a time. It took a lot of patience in order to get Boo to trust Diesel who kept talking to him and convincing the dog that he wasn’t going to hurt him.

Diesel brought the pit bull mix to Groesbeck Animal Hospital and gave him the name, based on markings on his left side.

Veterinary technical Lawura Owens said Boo is a happy dog.

He is wonderful,” she said. “You would think that he would be scared and fearful of people but he is not. He came in here wagging his tail.”

Right now, Boo is heart worm positive but his overall health looks great.

Diesel said he’s not surprised that Boo believed his owners would come back.

Dogs are the most loyal,” Mike added. “If we can get humans to be anywhere close to that level of compassion then we would have a much better world.”

Boo will be under vet care for the next 30 days, after that, the organization will be looking to find a foster home for Boo.

If you are interested, contact the rescue at or call Groesbeck Animal Hospital at 586-463-7387.

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