Dog lost – and found – during B.C. wildfires finds unexpected home

Mounties, it seems, always get their dog.

And for RCMP Corporal C.B. Huitson of Williams Lake, British Columbia that couldn’t be more true.

He was among a group of police officers checking an evacuation zone near Mountain House Road and Highway 97 North back on July 31 when they found black and white dog in an area scorched by the wildfire.

Police took the wayward pooch to their command post and gave her food, water as well as a comfy bed.

Then, they set out to find her owners.

We think she might be a border collie cross, Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey said in a statement back on Aug. 1. She’s very mild-mannered and easy going, and has been a good morale boost for our police officers, working long shifts.

Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey with the lost dog during the B.C. wildfires earlier this month/RCMP handout

Williams Lake RCMP (reluctantly) handed the dog to the local SPCA.

The dog would later spend time in animal shelters in Williams Lake, Prince George and even far away Vancouver.

I’m a dog lover and it was quite emotional to see that someone had lost their family member. She was a beautiful animal and I could only imagine how much she was being missed, says Cpl. Huitson said in a statement.

Weeks later, Cpl. Huitson got a call from the Vancouver SPCA.

The dog’s owners were still MIA. Would he like to adopt the friendly dog?

I jumped at the opportunity to adopt ‘Sadie,’ which is the name my girlfriend gave her, Cpl. Huitson said Friday. Sadie is wonderful addition to our family.

Out of the ashes, pure love blossomed.

Cpl. Huitson with Sadie, the newest member of his family/RCMP handout

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