Dog named Jesus rescued from lake on Good Friday

It’s an Easter miracle, of sorts.

West Midlands Fire in the UK shared news of a Good Friday rescue in Sutton Park by their colleagues at the Community Fire Station for Sutton Coldfield. A dog went into the water, seemingly doomed to drown, unless fire crew intervened.

“The dog was called (and this is no joke) Jesus, he was rescued on #GoodFriday by crews using a triple extension ladder and personal flotation device,” the fire department said.

The Staffordshire bull-terrier mix was in the water for about 30 minutes before fire crews safely put an officer in to save it. Officials thanked the public for not attempting a rescue on their own.

The dog and his owner, were happily reunited.

Photo WestMidlandsFire/SuttonCfld_Fire/Twitter

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