Dog stuck in dryer vent gets rescue from fire and police department

Spike the dog found himself in a tight spot recently after sneaking into a surprise space in the family home.

The South Carolina beagle got stuck and ending up in the house dryer vent.

The Sumter Police Department and the Sumter Fire Department spent an hour breaking apart an exterior wall to rescue Spike.

As Spike waited for help, he hung his head out in the open while his body remained stuck in the vent.

Members of the fire and police departments arrived at the scene to retrieve the dog from the tight spot.

“Spike was sniffing out mischief when he got stuck in the dryer vent of a Warren Court home earlier today,” said the Sumter Police Department in a Facebook post.

The teams were able to retrieve Spike after widening the dryer vent and pulling the pet back inside the house.

The police department shared that the “happy hound was freed from his unfortunate circumstance and is doing fine.” 

“[Spike was] probably looking to see what else he can get into for the day,” concluded the police department’s statement.

In a comment on Facebook, Drusilla Harvin, who identified herself as “Grandma” thanked Spike’s rescuers.

I am thankful for the time and the care from both police and fire department for rescuing spike, it took an lil over an hour glad I was home while Kam was at school. Job Well Done. – Grandma

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