Dog survives for nine days in bitter cold

It’s been a cold cold winter for the folks in Maine,  but here’s something that should warm your heart.

Dempsey the dog was out in the frigid cold for nine days after he jumped a six foot fence while his owner Jamie Cyrway from Severn, Maryland was visiting with her parents in Maine.

Dempsey, a boxer named after the boxer Jack Dempsey, got hit by a car and went without food for more than a week. Despite a search and plea on Facebook, Dempsey was MIA.

But when fellow Boxer owner Christine Pierce heard about Dempsey, she went looking for him. She followed the tracks of a car and a dog, figured out that he had been hit and located him near an outhouse.

“He looked horrible. He was skinny,” Pierce said in an interview with CBS News. “He wasn’t moving and when I saw him, I said, ‘Dempsey, I found you! I can’t believe I found you!’”

His leg was broken and his heart was barely beating. Now reunited with his family, Dempsey is recovering after surgery.

h/t:  CBS News Baltimore

Photo credit: CBS

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