Dog thrown from Toronto balcony gets $16,000 donation to help pay for recovery

A former journalist and philanthropist is funding the treatment of Logan, a dog who fell from the sixth floor of a Toronto apartment building and sustained multiple fractures.

Logan was critically injured from the fall, and when Toronto Animal Services arrived, they rushed the dog to a veterinary emergency clinic.

Logan’s injuries are extensive and include fractured front legs, pelvis and wrists. He was hemorrhaging into his chest and abdomen, and spent several days in ICU as result, receiving a blood transfusion. During his initial treatment we unfortunately also found out that he has a healed rib, which was fractured from an unknown previous trauma. He may have abnormal-looking wrists for life, with reduced range of motion and an increased risk of osteoarthritis.

Like many of the animals that land in our care, Logan didn’t have any options and needed to be seen by external vets immediately due to the extent of his injuries, and we are bearing that cost. Out of the hundreds we get per year, Logan has been an especially heartbreaking case for all of us, from the circumstances we found him in to his fight to recover from his injuries. If you are able to help, please go to 100% of donations received go directly towards the animals in our care.

There’s no information about who Logan’s family is and whether he was thrown from the balcony.

Over the weekend, animal rights supporter Eric Margolis stepped up to pay $16,000to help with Logan’s recovery. Margolis made the donation in memory of his dog Robbie.

“I have deep compassion for the suffering of animals and Logan’s story underlines the cruelty and suffering animals go through,” Margolis said.


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