Dog with two noses passes sniff test for adorable

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls.  Step right up and meet Toby, the two-nosed dog saved from the streets, and from certain death, and is now one of the most loved attractions at Venice Beach Freakshow.

The show’s owner, Todd Ray, heard about Toby, a dog with an unusual snout abandoned in Fresno, California, was at a local animal shelter. Ray, of course, specializes in the weird and wonderful, and boasts the planet’s largest collection of two-headed animals according to Guinness World Records.

Ray adopted Toby before the dog was going to be euthanized. Nobody wanted such a strange looking dog.


He uploaded this video to YouTube, proving that even a dog with two noses loves pretty ordinary things, like playing ball.

“TOBY is the sweetest Australian Shepard with TWO NOSES!!! He Loves EVERYBODY!!! Toby loves hugs and playing catch. He was born with two noses and it doesn’t bother him at all. As a matter of fact, it appears to come in handy when he is searching for his old chewed up ball!”

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is even wowed.

“Here at Ripley’s, we often find inspiring and uplifting stories about animals. Toby is no different, but if I said we’d chosen this story because of how inspirational his story was, I’d be lying. The truth is he’s just too adorable to pass up. How could anyone not fall in love with that adorable face?”

“Dogs can smell 10,000 to 100,000 times better than the average human, if both of Toby’s snouts work as well as a single dog nose, he could even double those figures. He’s like a superhero!”

Or, as my kindergartener said after watching Toby’s video: “He has two noses so that means he can smell twice as good.”


And is clearly, twice as loved.

h/t The Guardian Photos venicebeachfreakshow/YouTube/Instagram

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