Dog Years: Ryan Lochte’s dog is 8-years-old for the third straight year, sort of

Ryan Lochte doesn’t really have an eye for details. Or, at least accurate ones.

After all, it was the story the U.S. swimmer spun to police in Rio during the Olympics about an altercation at a gas station — and not his performance in the pool — that left tongues wagging.

Now, people are barking with glee over his celebratory gesture toward his dog. Posted on Twitter, his pooch seemingly turned 9 today.

Trouble is, this pooch has discovered the fountain of youth. Lochte has seemingly celebrated Carter’s 8th birthday for the past few years, only now realizing the passage of time.

Or, he’s found a new way to calculate age in dog years.

But @wholegrainne, who first noticed that time stands still for Lochte, denies photoshopping the original post, suggesting Lochte corrected his mathematical error at some point after he became a Twitter “moment.”

 Either way, one thing is certain. Lochte loves his dogs, Carter and Yeezy.

All dogs, really.

And, man he wears his emotions on his sleeve. Well, when he’s wearing sleeves.

Here are the original Carter birthday tweets from the past two years.

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