Doggie photo booth helps shelter dogs get adopted

There’s an obvious intent behind these candid dog pics. It’s futile to resist cute doggies in a photo booth.

The Humane Shelter of Utah, the folks behind the hilarious holiday feast video last Christmas, are using a new technique to get dogs adopted.

Put a dog inside a photo booth, aim a treat at them in the general vicinity of their mouth, and what you get are some pretty cool pictures.


The shelter dog photo booth pics were taken by professional pet photographer Guinnevere Shuster who specializes in dark-haired animals.

The Humane Societ of Utah uses humour and social media to get the message out about dogs in needs. It’s a message that needs to be heard. Every year in the U.S. alone, six to eight million shelter dogs and cats are taken in. Only about half of them find a home.

Earlier this month, they promoted Dog Farting Awareness Day because let’s face it: dogs know you’re blaming them.



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